Guarantee Danger arises in this context, increased with the emergence of a phenomenon often encountered in construction practice, when necessary for some time become a crust, ie lose requiring preservation of the surface. Danger arises in this context, increased with the emergence of a phenomenon often encountered in construction practice, when necessary depth of penetration of the solution, calculated from the absorption capacity of foundations, not be achieved due to insufficient amount of damage veschestva.Analogichnye phenomena (crust formation) occurs when the basis is found significant harmful soley. of the described "Dilemma" can only be an objective assessment of the situation at the facility based on sound analysis of its condition. In conducting this assessment takes into account such data object, as the natural sciences and engineering, as well as architectural and historical aspects, under which developed a single concept, suitable for all these stages. It is necessary to clearly define the advantages and disadvantages of different concepts to all participants prior to the meeting were aware of the possible consequences. Fig. 8: Guarantee of special planning Remmers; sampling using the technique of climbing the Mosque of the Old Town / Baku aid in decision-making, in this case, concerning the establishment of water repellency, will released shortly before the publication of this booklet wta memo entitled "Water-repellent impregnation for natural stone. " Matrix of solutions made up in the many years of work, suitable for the main aspects, including, for a brick foundation, and is recommended for active use since its publication in early 2009.. .
Hormone Therapy For patients who do not wish to become pregnant, but who need treatment for their disease, doctors may suggest hormone treatment. Hormone therapy is most effective when tumors are small. Hormones can come in presentations of pills, injection or nasal spray. There are several hormones used to this treatment, including a combination of estrogen and progesterone, like birth control pills, progesterone alone, Danocrine (a weak male hormone) agonists and gonadotropin-releasing hormone Birth control pills control the growth of lining of the uterus and often decrease the amount of menstrual flow. These often contain two hormones, a progestin and an estrogen. Once the woman stops taking them, return their ability to get pregnant, but symptoms of endometriosis also may return.Some women take birth control pills continuously, without using the sugar pills or placebo, which tell the body it is time of menstruation. When taking birth control pills in this manner, periods may stop completely, which can reduce pain or eliminate it completely. Some birth control pills contain only progestin, a hormone similar to progesterone. Women who can not take estrogen use these pills to reduce menstrual flow. With these pills, some women may not experience pain for several years after stopping treatment. All birth control pills may cause some mild side effects like weight gain, bleeding between periods and inflammation. The Danocrine has become the most common treatment choice, even pills or progestin combination hormone.Side effects of Danocrine include oily skin, appearance of pimples or acne, weight gain, muscle cramps, tiredness, smaller breasts, breast tenderness, headache, dizziness, weakness,...