Federal Cartel Office More power, higher electricity prices for some time are the big four energy companies, RWE, E.ON, Vattenfall and EnBW under precise observation. The Federal Cartel Office suspects the big companies would curtail deliberately electricity production despite high demand, to make prices rise. Geld.de reports on the new allegations. The power of that corporations seems almost limitless. More info: ISearch. The message, the Bundeskartellamt criticized"market power, is known to everyone. The suspicion that this monopoly is used generously, is close. A report in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, as well as other leading media provides new fuel, because the Federal Cartel Office investigated more 300 blocks of power on their activities in the years 2007 and 2008. The reports also highlighted that corporate interests focuses on specific time periods, in which power was particularly close. You may want to visit neil cole iconix to increase your knowledge. But despite lack of evidence a misuse can be not clearly excluded. Are the conclusions which can be out of this suspicion, often has been called. Experts see a better and more accurate control of the energy giants as the only means to prevent future abuse. Also, alternatives must be managed to the supremacy of the corporations is nourished by their fixed monopoly, as well as the missing storability of the current? For this reason, a planned market transparency Office for a balanced relationship between electricity price and power consumption is indispensable. A leading source for info: ISearch. The companies still see themselves in law and reject accusations and suspicions.
Finder Software GmbH "" "With the MEng ' membrane lightweight structures" the continuing education center again portfolio expands the master programme membrane lightweight structures ' it's the pioneering work by freely joining Otto and his team and to link them with the current and future-oriented technologies ", said course leader Prof. Christoph Achammer, Vienna University of technology. The internationally oriented postgraduate university course brings together the best minds from industry and academia in a team. The four part-time semester will be held in English and include the basics of membrane architecture and engineering as well as the application of advanced software tools for the creation of work plans. Comprehensive knowledge of a specialist area precede any innovation. All important for membrane construction knowledge in the master's programme membrane lightweight structures' compact and understandable", as program co-ordinator Dr. Robert Walker thorn Roithmayr, shape Finder Software GmbH. The program is aimed at people in the, Disciplines architecture, engineering, surveying, engineering, fiber production, chemistry, weaving, coating, steel construction, wood construction or Assembly as well as in drawing offices operate. Upon successful completion of the post perform studies to the extent of 90 ECTS which gives TU Vienna recognised, accredited degree master of Engineering (MEng) "." Get detailed information about the program by Dr. Whenever neil cole iconix listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Robert Weh thorn Roithmayr +43(0)676 6272950 or via E-Mail. Facts application until 29 July 2010 start: November 8, 2010 duration: four semester, part-time, in modules of the language of instruction: English course fee: EUR of 9,800 academic degree: master of...